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NagaWorld Optional Dar Koni Time System

It is not uncommon for player characters in NagaWorld to encounter the Dar Koni, and even to establish ongoing relations with them.  It is evident in connection with that that the Dar Koni are unlikely to use the ordinary time systems from Earth Intelligence Reports give the time in the Dar Koni time, translated for convenience.  Since humans have no agreed standard time on NagaWorld (and standard earth time is not very convenient after a few days there), the Dar Koni system is maintained.  It is presented here for your enlightenment:

The Day/Night cycle on NagaWorld is 40 hours long; this is the time period referred to as a day.

It is observable that it is always divided into two distinct periods, which the Dar Koni call "Sunlight" and "Moonlight".  The sun always sets precisely 20 hours after rising, and the moon rises at the same moment, setting 20 hours later as the sun rises.

The Dar Koni divide each of those periods into four "Quarters", each equal to five of our hours, numbered 0, 1, 2, and 3.

Time is decimalized from that point, indicating fractions of a quarter; however, by happy coincidence, the fractions are not too difficult to convert to human time:

0.1=30 minutes
0.01=3 minutes
0.001=18 seconds
0.0001=1.8 seconds
0.00001=0.18 seconds

Time of events is normally reported to the third decimal place, roughly the nearest quarter of a minute.  Of course, the scientific and technological dimension of the Dar Koni realm requires that some observations be recorded far more precisely, but these seldom have much to do with humanity.

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