Multiverser® Magic Skills Worksheet

  This sheet has been designed to facilitate the creation of magic skills by Multiverse® players during the course of the game.  If the player will carefully consider the information below, it will be easier for the referee to determine exactly what the character is attempting to do, and how difficult it will be to do it.  Answer the questions based on the character's expectations concerning the magic to be used.

Is this arcane or holy  magic,  alliance, neutral, or anarch?

What exactly will the magic do?

What distances, sizes, areas,or quantities are involved?

Over what variables does the character have control?

What, if any, is the base damage category for the magic?

How long does it take to perform the ritual necessary for the spell?

How many times in a minute may an amateur cast it?

How long will the magic last?

Exactly what will the character say?

Must the words be spoken loudly or forcefully?

Are the words in a language other than the character's native tongue?

Is the sound of the words vital to the magic, or will it work if the words are properly articulated within a place where there is no sound?

What does the character do?

Which body parts must be committed to this action?

Which body parts can be substituted if necessary for the ones normally used (e.g., left hand instead of right)?

Is the ritual physically exhausting?

What materials are required?

Which if any of these are destroyed or damaged beyond use during the ritual?

Are there any other limitations on the use of this skill?