This letter was contributed to the Reality Check web site in response to their request for an open letter to someone involved in the Clinton/Lewinsky matter.  They posted it, although they edited it slightly and have since removed it.
Dear Mr. President:

  My background is in theology and law, and in my life I often am put in a position of answering people's moral and ethical questions.  I am a Christian, and I have been given to understand that you are, also.  I would like to speak as a Christian, but also as a student of the law.

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  People today seem to believe that sexual activity between consenting adults is a personal matter which hurts no one, and that we Christians who call such things "sinful" are prudish and old fashioned.  I'm afraid that the best that will come out of your recent affair is that perhaps people will perceive that such private conduct does hurt others.  Who could say that you and Miss Lewinsky have not been hurt by this?  And of course your wife and daughter have suffered from it as well.  Miss Lewinsky's future also will be marred by this scandal--and should she marry and have children, this will have hurt her future family, as yet unknown.  It has also hurt the nation.  Parents trying to teach their children the wisdom of chastity now must overcome your example; children and young adults will defend their fornication by reference to yours, and so bring harm to themselves.  The injury you have caused may be immeasurable.  I think this cannot be minimized.

  However, I also think that it is not the issue.  If you were tempted and fell--even if you had a continuing weakness which led you into repeated illicit relationships with uncounted women, were you guilty of far more in this regard than has been alleged--that would be between you and God, and those to whom you needed to make amends, primarily your family.  And there is a certain degree to which your desire to keep the circle of the knowledge of your sin so limited is laudable.  However, it has been alleged that you lied under oath, that you intentionally perjured yourself to protect this secret.  I am not your judge or jury--but these are crimes for which there will be an earthly judge and jury.  If these allegations are true, I would hope that you would confess this crime and resign from office; the alternative will only cause more harm to the nation and to you.

  You have a serious credibility problem.  Anyone who would attempt to deceive the courts of his own country when under oath could be expected to lie whenever it suited him--and not that you would lie, but that no one could trust that you were telling the truth.  It weakens your ability to conduct foreign policy, to run the government, to assure the American people.  Even if it were not criminal, it would still be wrong.  The fact that it is criminal suggests that you have irretrievably damaged your ability to serve as President of these United States.

  I hope you will consider this carefully, and make the right decision.

  Thank you for your time.

--M. J. Young
  Chairman, Valdron Inc.

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