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An Analytical Commentary on
The Book of Romans

In or about 2005, Christian Gamers Guild Chaplain Mark Joseph "M.J." Young began preparing notes to teach an undergraduate college level course in New Testament.  He began his work with Paul's Epistle to the Romans, for several reasons.  The biggest was that he had taught the subject two decades earlier, at The Institute of the Great Commission in Pitman, New Jersey, and although all of those notes had been lost, he believed he had enough of an understanding of the structure of Paul's arguments to reconstruct a syllabus.  Further, since that time he had continued studying the Bible, and had qualified for Mensa and obtained a Juris Doctore on top of his Associate of Arts and Artius Baccalaureus degrees.  Feeling that his strengths were in the Epistles of Paul, and that Romans was the strongest, he determined to start there.

Early in 2006 those notes became the course taught under the auspices of the Guild through an e-mail list, to an initially small but growing group of students.  Now, in 2023, that course has worked its way, one verse at a time through all the epistles, Revelation/Apocalypse, and the Gospel of John, and is moving through the Gospel of Mark.

Dimensionfold Publishing became aware of these pages, and decided that having them in book form, whether on paper or electronically, would be a valuable resource.  They thus began where he began, with the massive and complex unraveling of the presentation of Paul's gospel in Romans.

Information about the book and the anticipated series is found here, and it is available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

Young's previous books are listed here.

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