This third letter was not a letter at all, but a comment made on one of my survey forms.  I replied, initiating an extended correspondence.  This was the first installment.

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  I have reprinted the comment here as a starting point.  However, I have edited it, correcting a couple of spelling errors.  From this page, you can read the comment, and click on the star to reach the page on which that material is repeated and answered.

Here, then, is his comment:

I want to first say that you have an outstanding web page. It is a veritable treasure-trove of information on an extremely broad variety of topics. In particular, I wanted to comment on your article about RPGs and the Christian faith. Though I do not remember your exact words, you pointed out that the contents of Deities and Demigods were "false gods." I had to smile at that comment, being a Hindu myself. Although Hinduism may seem to espouse polytheism, it is, at the core, a religion of absolute non-dualism, as I'm sure you probably know. My question to you is, how can you believe in intercession and the exclusiveness of your own religion when other faiths outdate your own by millennia?

Well, that's it.  Read the answers, too--they're the part I wrote.

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