This page is a partial answer to an extended letter on another page, Difficult Questions:  Free Will and the Problem of Evil  The reader may wish to refer to that page for a better understanding of the background of this one.  This is the third page of answers.

Christianity is about becoming like Christ--but that's easy to misunderstand.

  "As is my understanding, Christ's main points centered around (1) accepting God as the Supreme Goal, (2) humility, and (3) renunciation.  To me, Christ, although divine, is the ultimate embodiment of what mortals should strive for.  To emulate Christ seems, to me, to be the true goal of Christians.  In my experience, the best Christians that I have seen have embodied the aforementioned qualities."

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  Your understanding of Christianity is a bit different from mine; but then, I've been studying my faith for about three decades, and would expect to have a better understanding of it than most.  There is at the very core of Christianity the belief that we will be changed by God within us, conformed to the image of Christ by His gradual work.  Indeed, we expect to approach the example of Jesus, which is one of true humility (not the false humility of those who declare themselves worthless, but that which seeks to serve--the difference is described on my web page on Philemon).  But we don't strive for it; we are molded by God from within.

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