This note came considerably after the others, and raises a new issue:  what about the portrayal of evil and sometimes not so evil in console role playing games?  I replied with a rather thorough response, linked from here as one note.

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I am a math teacher and work about 65 hours a week.  I like to relax in front of the PlayStation and play Final Fantasy 7 (I know that there is 8, and 9 out there but I'll get to that) or the Nintendo 64 and play Zelda.  My question is, is Final Fantasy 7, 8 or 9 satanic?  I know your answer from reading your article [Confessions of a Dungeons & Dragons Addict--ed.] is probably no, but I get this check in my spirit when I see different parts of the game that look evil.  FF7 has a lot of spells and demons, and the beliefs of the characters are new age, so that makes me question if I should be playing it.  I'm worried that I am exposing myself to evil spirits.  If that seems foolish, it comes from my upbringing.  Can you help?  Is there a game out there that you would advise Christians to stay away from?


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