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9:  Roll Height and Weight
  Roll height and weight.  Race and Gender control height and weight.  The values given here are not provided by TSR, but rolls used in MyWorld to approximate the heights and weights of those races and genders for whom ranges are given, and to provide reasonable values for those not given but possibly implied (or left for referees to guess).  I had always meant but never gotten to linking weight range to rolled height.  Referees may wish to re-roll values they find overly disparate; in the MyWorld campaign, we never did, but did allow short fat characters to lose weight (tall thin characters are seldom upset with this combination).

Race Male Height Weight Female Height Weight
DWARF 42+2d6 124+d4x10+d10 41+d10 101+3d12
ELF 54+2d6 84+3d12 54+2d6 68+2d12
Dargonesti 60+2d6 84+3d12 54+2d6 68+2d12
Valley Elf 58+2d6 84+3d12 52+2d6 68+2d12
GNOME 37+2d4 70+d10+d12 35+d6 65+2d10
HALF-ELF 60+d12 100+d4x10+d10 56+2d6 85+3d10
HALF-ORC 60+2d6 130+5d12 57+2d4 100+5d12
HENGEYOKAI 56+3d10 135+d100 58+2d8 90+3d30
HOBBIT 30+2d6 50+2d12 29+2d6 40+2d10
Tallfellow 44+2d4 55+2d12 41+2d4 45+2d10
HUMAN 56+3d10 135+d100 58+2d8 90+3d30
IRDA 56+3d10 90+3d30 56+3d10 90+3d30
KOROBOKURU 42+2d6 124+d4x10+d10 41+d10 101+3d12
MINOTAUR* 66+3d10 175+6d20 68+2d8 170+5d20
SPIRIT FOLK 54+3d6 100+2100 54+3d6 100+d100
TROLLBORN 62+3d10 165+d12x10+d10 64+2d8 155+d100
  *Under the MyWorld rules, Minotaur horns are also rolled at this time.  Male's horns are d8+d6+10 inches long; female's horns are d8+d6-2 inches.  Under MyWorld rules, the length of the horn determines the amount of damage it can do:  horns up to 3" do one point of damage, those greater than that up to 6" do d2 points, d3 points up to 9", and so increasing by one die side per three inches (or part thereof) to a maximum of d8 for horns in excess of 21" in length.  Minotaurs intrinsically have proficiency in fighting with their horns, but may not specialize or otherwise select these as weapons of choice:  they are weapons of resort.

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