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11:  Roll Character Age and Birth Date
  Ages are based on race, which controls a character's life span; and class, which indicates at what age the character would have started and finished an apprenticeship in that field.  They are here divided by race, subdivided by class.  All numbers are in years.

  A multiclassed character automatically starts at the oldest age for that race for the class with the oldest age of all those followed, on the assumption that having invested the time to learn more than one profession the character started the last one late, and so finished it at the most advanced age appropriate to that class.

HUMAN, all sub-races; HENGEYOKAI, all sub-races, KOROBOKURU, SPIRIT FOLK, all sub-races, IRDA, MINOTAUR, TROLLBORN:
  Alchemist, Attorney, Illusionist 30+d6.
  Assassin, Psionicist 20+d4.
  Barbarian, Bard, Berserker, Bushi, Fighter, Oriental Barbarian, Sohei, Yakuza 15+d4.
  Cavalier, Kensai, Knight of Solamnia, Paladin, Samurai 17+d4.
  Cleric, Druid, Holy Order of the Stars, Runecaster, Shukenja, Thief, Thief-Acrobat 18+d4.
  Ranger 20+d4.
  Magic User, Wu Jen 24+2d8.
  Monk 21+d4.
  Ninja start at the oldest age for the other class.

Krynn rules state that a Wizard of High Sorcery begins training in childhood and becomes a Level 1 (Student) upon reaching "adulthood". Since that age has varied in different lands and cultures, with typical ages of 13, 16, 18, 21, 24, and 30, the referee will have to determine what age constitutes "adult" in the wizard culture of the player character.

(MyWorld rules assume that any race for which ages are not given have the same age categories as humans; some referees assume that Korobokuru are treated as dwarfs and Spirit Folk are treated as Elves.)

Other races are found on this chart:

Cavalier/Fighter Cleric Magic User Thief
DWARF 40+5d4 250+2d20 200+d100 75+3d6
ELF 130+5d6 500+10d10 150+5d6 100+5d6
GNOME 60+5d4 300+3d12 100+2d12 80+5d4
HALF-ELF 22+3d4 40+2d4 30+2d8 22+3d8
HALF-ORC 13+d4 20+d4 25+d6 20+2d4
HOBBIT 20+3d4 60+2d8 70+d10 40+2d4
CAVALIER/FIGHTER includes Barbarian, Bard, Berserker, Cavalier, Fighter, Knight of Solamnia, Paladin, Ranger, Tinker.
CLERIC includes Cleric, Druid, Holy Order of the Stars, Runecaster.
HOBBIT includes Kender.
MAGIC-USER includes Alchemist, Attorney, Illusionist, Magic-user, Wizard of High Sorcery.
THIEF includes Assassin, Monk, Psionicist, Thief, Thief-Acrobat.

  In the MyWorld campaign, there is a twelve-month year of thirty-day months; every third year an additional month is added (to bring the solar and lunar characters back together).  The player needs to roll two twelve-sided dice; the first is number of the month in which the character is born (in alphabetical order, skipping alternate letters, Adrus, Condor, Equus, Gigant, Ichthus, Kantron, Mantor, Ovex, Quizmire, Silvan, Ubrecht, Wiltag), unless the second matches, in which case the character is born in the last month (Ysor).  A roll of d30 will pinpoint the date within the month on which the character will age to the next year.

  Referees with different calendars will of course require a different method of determining date of birth.

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