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19:  Roll Money
  Money is character class (profession) based.  Multiclassed characters have greater expenses (generally) than single classed characters, and so roll all money offered to all classes, and add it together.  Although the Viking Sourcebook gives an alternative monetary system, it is not well defined, and thus this system ignores it, converting Viking characters immediately to occidental currency.  In the MyWorld campaign, Orientals buy initial equipment with oriental currency (recommended but not required for the Monk), and then convert to occidental currency for game play.

  For Cavaliers and Paladins, the character's social class is also important to his starting money; he will also get some equipment (free) based on this social class.  Remember that characters of the Middle classes begin as 0 level Horsemen, while Upper class character begin as level 1 Armigers or Gallants.

  A Lower Middle Class Horseman receives a small metal shield, a randomly determined sword (generally broad, long, or scimitar), a light riding horse, and 2d4x10 gold pieces.

  A Middle Middle Class Horseman receives a small metal shield, a randomly determined broad or long sword, a dagger, a light war-horse, and 2d4x10 gold pieces.

  An Upper Middle Class Horseman has his choice of broad or long sword, a suit of chain mail, a light lance, a light war-horse, and 2d4x10 gold pieces.

  A Lower Upper Class Cavalier wears plate mail, has his choice of broad or long sword, a dagger, a shield of his choice, a medium lance and a medium war-horse, and (d12+6)x10 gold pieces.

  Cavaliers of the Middle Upper Class begin in field plate with shield of choice, choice of long sword or broad sword or scimitar, dagger, heavy lance, heavy war-horse, and (d12+6)x10 gold pieces.

  Upper Upper Class Cavaliers have full plate armor, choice of long sword or broad sword or scimitar, choice of shield, dagger, horseman's mace, heavy lance, heavy war-horse, leather barding, and (d6+12)x10 gold pieces.

  Horses which come free to Cavaliers and Paladins are equipped with appropriate tack and harness:  an appropriate saddle, two large saddle bags, two small saddle bags, bit and bridle, harness, blanket, and saddle blanket, plus lance saddle if a lance is included.

Other classes just roll money in these amounts:
  Alchemist, Attorney, Barbarian, Berserker, Fighter, Knight of Solamnia, Ranger, Tinker:  5d4x10 gp.
  Cleric, Druid, Holy Order of the Stars, Runecaster:  3d6x10 gp.
  Illusionist, Magic-user, Wizard of High Sorcery:  2d4x10 gp.
  Monk, if equipping as an occidental:  5d4 gp.
  Psionicist:  3d4x10 gp.
  Thief, Assassin, Thief-Acrobat:  2d6x10 gp.
  The Human Bard begins as a fighter with fighter currency; the Half-elf Bard (or Bard-Acrobat) begins as a Fighter/Thief(-Acrobat), and with the starting money of that combination.

  The character who chooses to be an Alchemist/Ninja should roll money on both tables, as full alchemist rules for the oriental have not been completed.
Class Ch'ien Tael Yuan Fen
Bushi d4 4d10 2d100
Kensai d4 d10
Monk 4d10 2d100
Ninja d2
Oriental Barbarian d6 d100
Samurai 2d6 d10
Shukenja d5 2d10 d100
Sohei d10 4d10
Wu Jen d3 2d10
Yakuza d3 2d10

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