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Cults of the Past:
The Mithril Chain

Hargin of Selna

  The Mithril Chain was an order of knights, including cavaliers and fighters of all types.  Very little is known of this organization, which boasted only a handful of members worldwide.

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  Members of the Mithril Chain, known as "Links", often fought better than would be expected based on their known experience and abilities.  In addition, some have been reported to display unusual powers, such as flying, creating fire, water, lightning, or light, passing through walls, or being unaffected by weapon attacks.  Each wore a highly ornate steel chain around his neck; rarely were they seen together.

  Each Link essentially worked alone, with a group of personal friends, henchmen, and/or followers, but not normally with another Link.  Seeking to preserve law and good, the Link stands to the death against chaos and evil.  the Chain seems to know the status of its links; although Links have died, chains have always been recovered by the Chain; thus no chain has ever been studied.

  Friends of past Links report that the full Chain met in secret every ninth year; that new Links were selected by to other Links who knew the deceased; that each Link is unique in its powers; that the chains are not removed during the wearer's life; and that Links forsake the pursuit of wealth.  There has never been known to be a Link who was not a human of single class, with an outstanding reputation, having attained at least the status of Lord or its equivalent.  Although some of the Links have been known by personal names in the past, once they become Links, they are called almost exclusively by their Link names.

  Thirty Link names have been identified; some of them have obvious connections, but most have not been associated with any particular powers.  Seven Link names are metals:  Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum, Brass, Bronze, Iron.  There are six weapon Link names:  Sword, Bow, Crossbow, Ax, Lance, and Hammer.  Five of the Links bear names of types of magic items:  Scroll, Staff, Rod, Wand, Ring.  Each of the four elements--Earth, Air, Fire and Water--are represented, and there are eight others:  Speed, Shield, Ghost, Skeleton, Stealth, Radiance, Stone, and Lightning.  It is not known whether this list is complete, or even accurate, nor whether the Link names are actually significant, or even whether these thirty names were ever all in use at the same time.  Suffice it that each Link has a name and a certain amount of power, and that the order survived so long that it is doubtful whether the last members could have known anything about the founders or those who knew them.  As long as it persisted, it was a joy and encouragement to law and good, and a dread to evil and chaos.

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