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Cults of the Past:

Hargin of Selna

  After Libra Facta gave birth to Libra Ficta, and it in turn spawned Magice Vincit Omnia, it was not long before fighters broke away, believing that they had the right to rule.  Might, which gave rise to the expression "Might Makes Right", was the expression of this belief.

  The fighters lacked subtlety.  Their ability to apply the same finesse to various factions as the other groups was extremely limited.  Thus, they tended to use force more than the others.  However, they still recognized that opposable forces were a useful tool.  They turned the original formula by identifying the weaker of two such groups, and then offering to support that group in an effort to overcome the stronger group.  Once the battle had clearly fallen to the new group, the fighters of Might would turn on their allies and claim victory for themselves.

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  As Mysas points out ("Cults of Our Time"), this strategy may not have been obvious, but news of such treachery spreads quickly, and Might soon lost its advantage.  No one would take them as allies, nor would anyone take action based on their promise of support.  Thus it faded more quickly than its more subtle predecessors.  Still, its influence spread far, and was felt however briefly throughout most of the civilized world.

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