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Effects of Social Class

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Under the UA and OA rules, social class is rolled when creating a character; however, unless you're a cavalier class, it has little if any effect on the non-oriental character beyond just having it there.  In my campaign, a decision was made to tie levels of education to social class, on the assumption that those from better and wealthier families are more likely to be schooled.  Social class as rolled will dictate a character's educational background as indicated.

Obviously, this is separate from any reading or writing the character will have learned to do as part of his class.

Class* Class* Language Skills Math Skills
LLC Outcast Speaking only None
MLC LC Recognize letters Count to 10
ULC Know common or racial alphabet Count to 100, add & subtract
LMC LMC Recognize letters of other languages Count as necessary
MMC MC Read & write common or racial Multiply & divide
UMC UMC Read & write alignment, racial, & common Fractions & geometry
LUC LUC Read & write one other language Engineering functions
MUC UC Read & write all languages spoken Theoretical math
UUC Rank Read & write d4 languages not spoken Math history
 *The first column represents the class designations of the occidental classes (UA), Lower Lower Class, Middle Lower Class, Upper Lower Class, Lower Middle Class, Middle Middle Class, Upper Middle Class, Lower Upper Class, Middle Upper Class, and Upper Upper Class.
The second column represents the class designations of the oriental classes (OA), Outcast, Lower Class, Lower Middle Class, Middle Class, Upper Middle Class, Lower Upper Class, Upper Class, and Rank; Rank designates all noble houses from 10th Rank to 1st Rank.

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