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Forms of Medical Assistance

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  Apart from the spell capabilities of clerics and related classes, and the similar psionic healing abilities, there appear to be three distince abilities for curing injuries, diseases, and poison.  This effort is to clarify the distinctions between them and the operation of each.  They are barbarian first aid, oriental herbalist, and occidental healing.  As the herbalist proficiency is poorly defined, this section will fill it in consistent with the other two.

  For initial hit point recovery, healing will restore d3 points if administered immediately--not more than the melee round after the injury.  Further, it is limited to not more than the damage suffered on the previous round (plus any on the current round).  By contrast, first aid will restore 1 point immediately, regardless of when administered.  The herbalist's ability will be as first aid in this regard.  These three techniques will be regarded as distinct, therefore cumulative--that is, any injured person may benefit from healing administered immediately, and again from first aid, and again from herbalism.

  Both first aid and healing permit ongoing curative in the amount of 1 point per day if active, and double normal healing rate (i.e., 2 points) per day of rest.  The herbalist will have similar effect.  These effects are not cumulative:  treatment by more than one of these three methods will not increase the ongoing cure beyond this amount.

  The healing proficiency permits a +2 bonus on saves vs. insinuated poison if treatment begins in the same round as the insinuation.  The barbarian (first aid) does not get this advantage, and it is not consistent with the herbalist.

  The healing proficiency also is able to reduce the severity of disease or its duration by a successful check, whether disease or infestation, if the treatment begins within three turns of the symptoms and continues regularly twice per day until cured.  As healing proficiency treatment of insinuated poison is an effort to remove or neutralize poison before it is effective, it is not regarded as a means of treating the poisoned victim.  First aid, by contrast, has a 10% chance of curing any disease or natural poisons, increased to 50% plus victim's constitution if the ailment is known.  As this area seems to be the herbalist's forte, he will be able to perform either the healing or the first aid, either applicable to both disease and poison, and not limited to natural poisons.  He may not attempt both on the same patient for the same condition.  Although more than one physician can treat a patient ailment, the patient only gains the benefit of the most successful.

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