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    This table is for determining the nature of exceptional books.  The number and locations of exceptional books should be determined independently.  Books listed here are drawn from several TSR books, including the DMG, OA, possibly UA, and the Basic D&D Book of Marvelous Magic.

    Letters in parentheses following a listed book indicate that the book is limited to a particular class, ccleric, fighter, magic-user, and thief.

  1 Book of Exalted Deeds (c)
  2 Book of Infinite Spells
  3 Book of Vile Darkness
  4 Libram of Gainful Conjuration (m)
  5 Libram of Ineffable Damnation (m)
  6 Libram of Silver Magic (m)
  7 Manual of Bodily Health
  8 Manual of Gainful Exercise
  9 Manual of Clay Golems
 10 Manual of Clay Golems
 11 Manual of Flesh Golems
 12 Manual of Flesh Golems
 13 Manual of Iron Golems
 14 Manual of Stone Golems
 15 Manual of Stone Golems
 16 Manual of Puissant Skill at Arms (f)
 17 Manual of Quickness of Action
 18 Manual of Stealthy Pilfering (t)
 19 Tome of Clear Thought
 20 Tome of Leadership and Influence
 21 Tome of Understanding
 22 Vacuous Grimoire
 23 Boccob's Blessed Book
 24 Book Leaf
 25 Libram of Destruction
 26 Libram of Evaluation
 27 Libram of Identification
 28 Libram of Legends
 29 Libram of Study in Strength
 30 Libram of Study in Intelligence
 31 Libram of Study in Wisdom
 32 Libram of Study in Dexterity
 33 Libram of Study in Constitution
 34 Libram of Study in Charisma and Comeliness
 35 Book Plate
 36 Tome of Translation
 37 Magic User Level 1
 38 Magic User Level 2
 39 Magic User Level 3
 40 Magic User Level 4
 41 Magic User Level 5
 42 Magic User Level 6
 43 Magic User Level 7
 44 Magic User Level 8
 45 Magic User Level 9
 46 Illusionist Level 1
 47 Illusionist Level 2
 48 Illusionist Level 3
 49 Illusionist Level 4
 50 Illusionist Level 5
 51 Illusionist Level 6
 52 Illusionist Level 7
 53 Wu Jen Level 1
 54 Wu Jen Level 2
 55 Wu Jen Level 3
 56 Wu Jen Level 4
 57 Wu Jen Level 5
 58 Wu Jen Level 6
 59 Wu Jen Level 7
 60 Wu Jen Level 8
 61 Wu Jen Level 9
 62 Hitherto Unknown Magic Spell*
 63 Hitherto Unknown Illusion*
 64 Hitherto Unknown Wu Jen Spell*
 65-100 Book of no significance**

*In MyWorld, there occasionally are found books containing spells not found in the AD&D rulebooks, created by the Dungeon Master and released into the game as a spell unknown to most spellcasters of the class.

**For creating randomized libraries, books of no significance are usually in sets of d30 volumes; this increases the number of insignificant books found in the location, while minimizing the work on the referee, who need only announce that the characters found a 13-volume set of dwarf cookbooks.  Books of no significance need not be useless or worthless.  Instructionals in various skills (such as riding), histories or journals, theses on various religious or political questions, bilingual dictionaries and grammars, and legends of maps or treasures in an area can all have great value in the campaign.  You might include a copy of Hargin of Selna's Cults of the Past, if you're using them for background material.  This listing only indicates that the book is neither magical itself nor a book of magic spells.

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