Modron Military Escort Units
Recalculated and Corrected January, 2003

    If you read the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons materials on Modrons from TSR, it becomes apparent that these supremely organized

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creatures of the highest law and order are presented in a way which fails to provide a clear understanding of how they are connected:  Primus, for example, is listed as being attended by a Tertian and eight Octons-but Tertians and Octons have their own attendants!  Taking the time to follow these connections, this list provides the actual numbers and types of modrons in attendance upon each type, including all of the attendants of all of the attendants.

  Because of their organization and adherence to rules regardless of the moral issues involved, modrons have frequently been selected by DM's as the guard of choice for deities and immortals who must meet on other planes with other deities and immortals (after all, Bahamut might have to meet with Tiamat, but he doesn't want her to bring a horde of demons along for protection in his court--and she would have a difficult time convincing such demons to accompany her to the first of the seven heavens!).  This list was originally constructed to delineate and describe such "honor guard" forces, so the referee could select one of appropriate status and power for the immortal to be escorted.

  These numbers do not include the modron armies. Each Hexton, in addition to the listed staff, is commander of an army, described in the text.  Such armies are thought not to be part of regular staff.

Primus is attended by 1 Tertian, 9 or 10 Hextons, 8 Septons, 9 Nonatons, 9 or 10 Decatons, 120 to 168 Pentadrones, 1296 Quadrones, and 15552 Tridrones as regular staff.  Primus is still highest honor guard, and only does military escort in showpiece situations.

A Secundus is attended by 2 Tertians, 2 to 4 Hextons, 4 Septons, 2 to 4 Decatons, and a "multitude" of base modrons (Pentadrones, Quadrones, Tridrones, Duodrones, and Monodrones).  This escort is more an honor guard for major pantheon heads where little trouble is anticipated than a military unit.

Three of the nine Tertians are assisted by 1 Hexton, 1 Nonaton, 1 Decaton, 24 to 60 Pentadrones, 144 Quadrones, and 1728 Tridrones.  The other six are assisted by only 1 Nonaton, 12 Pentadrones, 144 Quadrones, and 1728 Tridrones.  Tertians are the normal honor guard for major deities when no trouble is expected.

A Quarton has 1 Hexton and 48 to 84 Pentadrone guards, and the supervision of a region of Nirvana.  These would only provide honor guard for a god within their own region (i.e., a lawful neutral to whom they are assigned).

A Quinton is principally an administrator, attended by 1 Septon, 25 Pentadrones, 64 Quadrones, and 81 Tridrones, and "countless" duodrones and monodrones.  These are likely to be honor guards for cooperative non-Nirvana immortals, based on their administrative duties.

A Hexton is a general of the armies.  Each is attended by 1 Decaton and a 12 to 48 Pentadrone personal guards (75% chance that these guards will be present).  Their ability to control and call up armies makes them prime guards for non-cooperative powerful immortals.

A Septon inspector works alone or for superiors.  These would be honor guards only for mid-level immortals who need little protection and are unlikely to be trouble.

An Octon has large numbers of assistants, including 1 Nonaton, 1 Decaton, 17 Pentadrones, 160 Quadrones, 1809 Tridrones, 256 Duodrones, and 1728 Monodrones, but is engaged in the business of sector operation, so would be an honor guard only for lower immortals within their sector (i.e., lawful neutrals).

A Nonaton as a police captain has 12 Pentadrones, 144 Quadrones, and 1728 Tridrones, and would be a guard for low level personages if trouble is anticipated.

A Decaton is always assigned to a higher ranking modron, but one could be detailed by his superior to be honor guard for a lower personage if no trouble is anticipated.

All units may be expanded by vast numbers of base modrons as desired.  They may also be combined.

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