Random Alternate Planes Weighted Table

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  Every once in a while, a character does something which could result in him--or his companions--landing anywhere at all.  In D&D terms, "anywhere at all" is defined in a set of alternate planes.  A roll of d1000 can easily select the plane on which the character lands.  This table does not treat all planes equally, giving greater probability to the planes which are "larger" and easier to comprehend.
001-020 Ethereal 237-244 Minerals 545-584 Olympus
021-052 Air 245-252 Steam 585-624 Gladsheim
053-084 Fire 253-260 Vacuum 625-664 Limbo
085-116 Earth 261-268 Ash 665-704 Pandemonium
117-148 Water 269-276 Dust 705-744 Abyss
179-164 Smoke 277-284 Salt 745-784 Tartarus
165-180 Magma 285-304 Astral 785-824 Hades
181-196 Ooze 305-344 Nirvana 825-864 Gehenna
197-212 Ice 345-384 Arcadia 865-904 Nine Hells
213-216 Positive Material 385-424 Seven Heavens 905-944 Acheron
217-220 Negative Material 425-464 Twin Paradises 945-980 Alternate PMP
221-228 Lightning 265-504 Elysium 981-000 Concordant Opposition
229-237 Radiance 505-544 Happy Hunting Grounds
M. J. Young's Pnuemonic for (First Edition) Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Outer Planes:
"'Never Allow Such Travelers Entrance Here', Opines God; 'Lower Planes Are Too Heavily Guarded Near Accesses.'"
Nirvana/Arcadia/Seven heavens/Twin paradises/Elysium/Happy hunting grounds/Olympus/Gladsheim/Limbo/Pandemonium/Abyss/Tarterus/Hades/Gehenna/Nine hells/Acheron

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