Stories from the Verse
Table of Contents
by Bryant Andrew Stevens

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I've divided the stories into pages, and tried to note for each page whose stories are included--in case you find that there are particular people whose stories you would like to follow.

If you're already confused, you might wish to check out the information about the Multiverser role playing game at the Valdron web site.  This new addition to the world of RPG's has a flexibility I've never before seen in a game system, and makes it possible for the same characters to have many different adventures in many different kinds of worlds--as these stories, taken from actual game sessions, demonstrate.

Page 1:  Where I introduce Michael, Dylan, Whisp, and some of the other earlier versers, including Dan, Pete, Mary, and Dog, as well as Bob and Mother, whom I have yet to meet.

Page 2:  Where I follow the earliest adventures of Dylan through a couple of worlds in which he didn't stay very long.If there's a problem, please let me know through this mailto form.  I also explain a bit better about the relationship Whisp has with his Mother.

Page 3:  Where Michael met the woman of his dreams at the other end of a rifle, in a place he little understood--perhaps he understood her world better than she, but never better than her.

Page 4:  Where Dylan reaches the desert, and begins his famed career as The Psientist.  Shadow also stops by, pursued by Mother.

Page 5:  Where Michael tames some tough wolves by becoming a god and choosing a priestess.

Page 6:  Where two more of my sons and a couple other people find themselves in my city.

Page 7:  Where Michael meets a lion who is more than he seems, and follows a couple of children through more than he expected.

Page 8:  Where George becomes a spy, Bill becomes a spaceship captain, and Trevor is a lost little boy with a few surprises up his sleeve.

Page 9Where Michael takes vengeance on some giants, and Ian learns the secret arts of oriental magic.

Page 10:  Where Bill harrasses a planetary federation, and George solves a mystery to save Europe.

Page 11:   Where Trevor finds himself at sea, George substitutes for a king, and Bill loses his spaceship.

Page 12:  Where George sees the ocean, and returns to help a king, and Trevor misses his chance to see the stars.

Page 13:  Where Michael gets revenge for his own death, and George is thrown into space.

Page 14:  Where Bill learns the long bow from an expert, and George saves a princess, earning more than he expected.

Page 15:  Where George goes down with the ship, and Trevor gets to kill monsters.

Page 16:  Where George, Trevor, and Bill meet again, and make some unusual friends, and George manages to destroy the world.

Page 17:  Where George and Trevor work for a lion, and Bill is a fugitive from his own creation.

Page 18:  Where Trevor becomes a wizard, George tries to adapt to a familiar world with a different view, and Bill is mistaken for George.

Page 19:  Where John Landar, James Del Greco, Dexter Phillips, and my son Troy find NagaWorld.

Page 20:  Where John Landar turns the tables on a hunter, and Dexter is confused by a labyrinth.

Page 21:  Where Dexter goes into space, John takes to the ocean, and James is on the throne.

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