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Of course, any set of links for Multiverser® should begin with the links to the Multiverser Game Information Site itself, and to Valdron Inc., the company which has kindly decided to publish and market the game, where you can learn quite a bit, and ask any questions that aren't already answered there somewhere.

They're also the publishers of Verse Three, Chapter One, The First Multiverser Novel, and my first published novel.  If you've enjoyed reading these stories, I think you would enjoy the novel far more.

The Journals of the Architect were the first stories from the verse to make it to the web.  Although they are also my work, they tell a different set of adventures--and it seemed to me best to put sites up in the order in which they were uploaded, so I'm first.

John Landar was next to reach the web.  Although his entrance in the verse is fairly recent, he has been through some fascinating stories (I've included some here), and you might like to read his telling.

Kyler C. B. Young has proved himself an innovative player, and at twelve became the youngest Multiverser referee known to the company to date.  In addition to praising the Multiverser game system, he has begun uploading some of the stories from his games, as well as some of his own fiction.

Temporal Anomalies are discussed in the Multiverser Referee's Rules.  I took the material there, and applied it to a few popular time travel stories, and at this web site I explain how history is altered by each time trip made in them, including the Terminator and Back to the Future movies.
What is an RPG?, the first appendix in the Multiverser Referee's Rules, has been on the web for quite a while, and has received compliments from some very distinguished gamers.  Even if you know the answer, this explanation may enlighten you.

The author has a complete listing of published web pages and an edited selection of those presenting a higher intellectual level for your perusal.

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