Journals of the Architect.
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Check out the Multiverser role playing game.   To make it more convenient to find your way around the materials, segments have been created on separate pages, and linked sequentially, but also linked by this table of contents so that each page can be reached more directly, and so that brief descriptions can be given of the content of each contained file.  I hope you enjoy some of these stories.

Elsewhere, I've told stories of others whose paths I've crossed or tales I've heard while in the verse.  I'll invite you to go there, to read some of those stories.  I find them more interesting, because I wasn't in the middle of them--but I've had my share of excitement, too.  Also, you'll find links to their sites, where they tell their own stories and make comments on the Multiverser game system.

I'm interested in what interests you....

NagaWorld:  If you find yourself dead to all you knew, and yet still alive in a strange place, how do you assess your situation?  What do you do?  The Architect landed in an alien world, and began to explore it very carefully.

How I Built Umak Tek:  What you know can be valuable.  With a bit knowledge and a few lucky breaks, the Architect built a city, earning the moniker by which he is named in these journals.

Vampires in Chicago:  When he found himself back on earth, everything was different--so much so that he knew it to be a different earth.  Here he galvanized the righteous in a secret battle against the hidden forces of the undead.

The Destruction of the Vampire Gavin:  Continuing the battle against the undead, he began to destroy the vampires in a systematic way, but not without a few surprises.

Cleaning Up Loose Ends:  One vampire had a scheme to destroy faith in the world, but it was thwarted, and the vampires lost more ground.

The Glom Bashal:  As each evil is overcome, it is replaced by a greater evil.  Now a magic item of great power has been unleashed by a wizard of great evil with an eye for the value of technology.

Bob the Ghoul Strikes Again:  Attempts are made to kill Whisp and the Architect, but they survive and bounce back stronger.

Finishing the Chicago Vampire Network:  The versers and their allies destroy the Presemium, last stronghold of the evil immortals in the windy city.

Life and Death Valley:  A rapid road trip to California is only the beginning of unexpected adventures for the Architect, Whisp, and the werewolf Raal.  Searching for Raal's daughter, the trio help several packs of werewolves in two countries across the continent overcome adversaries of several types.

Two Prongs Against a Demon:  The attack against Marileth leads to some surprising twists, and puts the Architect and Whisp in a strange position.

Diamond's Bluff:  The wild west became his home for a time, as he lived among those who went west, either for opportunity or for escape.

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