Welcome to M. J. Young Net.  I am pleased and overwhelmed by the number of you who have found my site worth a visit--and a bit curious as to what brings you here.  If you could be so kind as to take a moment to answer whatever questions you feel like answering, it would help me plan expansions to the site in the future--and maybe help me decide whether certain pages are really not worth the space they consume.

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Thank you.

  If you don't have the capability of sending mail-to forms (early Internet Explorers and AOL Browsers don't always get them right), or if you don't have your mailer set up for it, or if you're just one of those people who dislikes mailto forms, I would appreciate anything you'd like to say about my site, at Response@MJYoung.net, which is where this survey goes.  It is actually easier for me for you to send me a note (the program that I once used to handle the forms has been lost), and I always respond personally to personal e-mail.

  They say you are more likely to reply to me if I offer some incentive, such as a gift for replying.  I'm afraid I'm not a wealthy man (if anyone asks, "If you're so smart, why ain't you rich?", the answer is that intelligence is a very small part of success, dwarfed by diligence, organization, and interpersonal skills).  But I can offer this incentive:  to date, I have replied to every question, comment, criticism, or praise received in response to any web page I have posted, and I intend to continue to do so.  If you have questions, if you'd enjoy debating a point, if you think I missed something, I will answer as soon as possible--and several people have commented that they were pleasantly surprised by both the promptness and the depth of my responses.

  On the other hand, as a courtesy I will not respond to survey form submissions if they neither ask a question nor request a response; not everyone who answers a survey wishes to receive a reply.

  Here goes:

How did you find this site in the first place?
Looking for something in a search engine that was here.
Looking for something in a search engine that wasn't here.
Through the Valdron/Multiverser site.
Through a posting on a forum or newsletter.
Through an article you wrote somewhere else.
You're linked from someone else's page.
You were mentioned in print somewhere.
Not even close.

Could you be more specific?  That is, what site, what article, what search, what source?

Of the many types of material on this page, what originally attracted you?
Materials related to Law
Materials related to Bible
Song Lyrics
The role playing game stuff
Temporal Anomalies/Time Travel pages.
One particular article, which I'll mention below
It was a mistake--I was looking for something else, or hit the wrong link

More specifically:

  I want to thank you, and to give you the opportunity to make any other comments about anything you've seen on any of the pages on any site I've developed or assisted (or even linked to--I'll try to get your thoughts to them, if they aren't me).

  And if that's it, you know the options:

And the best way I can think of to get you where you want to be is to send you to the current home page, whence you can hop a link to whatever you wanted to look at next...or take the navigation bar to places within the site.