Stories from the Verse
by Bryant Andrew Stevens
  I have appended this file of papers to my stories, as being the written reports of others concerning versers in various universes in the Multiverse.  Although they are not stories themselves, they are interesting nonetheless, and worth a review, especially for those skeptical regarding the existence of multiversers in the cosmos.  You might find that someone you know is from another world.

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If you're already confused, you might wish to check out If there's a problem, please let me know through this mailto form.the information about the Multiverser role playing game at the Valdron web site.  This new addition to the world of RPG's has a flexibility I've never before seen in a game system, and makes it possible for the same characters to have many different adventures in many different kinds of worlds--as these stories, taken from actual game sessions, demonstrate.

  This collection of pages is separate from the others for an odd reason.  I had noted to a friend of mine that the Stories from the Verse were not as popular as some of the other pages I had on the web.  He suggested that it might be interesting to do some of the stories from a different perspective, and in a different style.  I agreed at the time that that sounded like an interesting notion, and an excellent exercise in stretching my writing technique.  However, at that time I had committed most of my own stories to The Journals of the Architect, on my personal site, and had outlined a plan to use Stories from the Verse to cover most of the games I had refereed at my own table; so I had no stories to tell in the new format.

  Valdron Inc. came to my rescue, in a back-handed way.  I was asked to add to my list of duties the task of running Multiverser on line in chat rooms, so that gamers could attend a game and watch it played out.  This gave me a new source of material, gamers for whom I had refereed who had not played at my table.  These stories are created as third-party accounts of actual on-line game sessions.  I hope you enjoy them.  Unfortunately, the AOL game is no longer running; it has been replaced now with a forum game on the Official Multiverser Forum at Gaming Outpost.  If you're interested in getting into that game, e-mail me.

  So if you'll turn to the index of papers, I'm sure you'll find something which interests you.

Stories from the Verse

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