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Valdron Inc. has been fortunate enough to become responsible for the best new idea in role playing,

Valdron Inc is pleased to continue to sponsor the popular work of Multiverser co-creator M. Joseph Young, whose M. J. Young Net site is still found here.

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Valdron Inc is committed to continuing to provide these resources from one of the most creative and eclectic minds in gaming today, for the benefit of our fans and his.

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the Multiverser® game system conceived and created by E. R. Jones and M. Joseph Young.  It is a first priority of the company to let gamers know about this amazing game system, and to make it available for use as conveniently as can reasonably be managed.  The company will also support gamers in every way it can, to provide materials and assistance which will enable them to play the Multiverser® game, develop their own campaigns, and explore new and different universes.

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