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  This site has been on the web in various places for quite some time, and a lot of you have visited it.  I thought, given the amount that has been added within the site, it was time for the front page to get a face lift--nothing fancy, mind you, just a few changes to the look and feel, and a bit more information about the contents.  Also, I'm going to trim down the site survey; it's been a bit long, and I think you'll find the new version a bit easier to follow.

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  I am not an artist, and I see no reason to fill this page with images stolen from the web pages of others.  If there is beauty here, it is in the ideas expressed, and in the words used to express them.  I am told that without "pretty pictures" to hold your attention, you will be gone in seconds.  I would hope that there would be something of value here, something worth taking a moment to investigate....
   When I was in my teens, I was a musician.  I fully expected to be a recording artist; but it didn't work out that way.  Still, I wrote some wonderful music, and some great lyrics.  Most recently I appeared with Cardiac Output here in Salem County, New Jersey, so some of you may have heard some of those songs.
  In my twenties, I became a theologian, receiving a degree from Luther College of the Bible and Liberal Arts in Teaneck, and another from Gordon College, majoring in Biblical Studies.  I brought this education with me to Salem County, where I became a disk jockey and talk show host, and eventually Program Director, of then-Christian radio station WNNN-FM.  I taught undergraduate studies in Bible over in the next county.  I thought perhaps I would become a full-time professional teacher, but that didn't happen, either.  Still, I would like to share some of the Bible Study material with you here, if I may.  There's a new section there, answers to difficult questions, inspired by a very emotional letter I received--and consider that an invitation to send me your difficult questions; perhaps I can answer them, and in all likelihood someone out there is looking for an answer to the same questions.
  As I reached my thirties, I thought perhaps more education would get me a decent position in teaching; but the only education available to me was law school.  So I graduated with honors from Widener University School of Law, with my Juris Doctore.  I also became a member of American Mensa.  But by this time I was so far in debt that the State of New Jersey didn't want me to be a lawyer--lawyers are not allowed to have financial problems, so if you've already got them, don't expect law school to solve them.  I wrote a paper on legal duty which my professor thought I should publish, but law didn't work out for me either.  Still, I'm including a few pages on law (and hopefully will find a copy of the paper on legal duty) for your perusal.
  So now I'm in my forties, and I find that the best thing I can do is play games.  Check out the Multiverser role playing game.I'm Chairman of the Board of Directors of Valdron Inc., but the company is just starting, and it will be a while before I make any money at it.  Meanwhile, I'd like to share with you a little bit about the company and the Multiverser role playing game we produce.  If you don't know what a Role Playing Game is, you can find out checking out What is an RPG?.  If you'd like information about this game, the best place to get it is at the web site of Valdron Inc., where you can find answers to most of your questions, and links to use to ask any others.  I've also begun writing serious fantasy fiction, with the release of Verse Three, Chapter One.  If those links don't work (you know how the Internet can be), you should be able to find out about books I've published here.
  I've done some other stuff with it--in fact, if you're a fan of Terminator, Back to the Future, 12 Monkeys, or another movie about time travel, you might enjoy the material on solving the time travel problems in those films, which uses Multiverser's concepts of temporal mechanics to create a coherent sequence of events out of the repeatedly altered histories of John Conner, Marty McFly, James Cole, and other time travelers.  The time travel stuff has been honored as an Event Horizon Hot Spot and a Sci Fi Weekly Site of the Week, and also added to the reading list of an undergraduate metaphysics course at York College--and I should also mention that pages on this site cover other intellectually challenging ideas, including a challenge to the popular solution to the 3 Doors puzzle, a design for a faster-than-light communications device, an open letter to President Clinton (written by invitation)--all indexed from my intellectually challenging pages index.
  If you want to get a feeling for the Multiverser game, the best thing might be to read excerpts from some of the journals of my character, as he recorded his adventures in other worlds.  Even better, in another place, I've recorded stories from the verse, the tales I've heard and sometimes witnessed of others playing the game, and I like them better than I like my own.
  All of this and more is indexed from one place, known to me as my writings index.  There you'll find links to material on Dungeons & Dragons, Martial Arts, Temporal Anomalies, Bible & Theology, Law & Politics, much more esoterica and miscellany, and more about who I am (which is probably more esoterica and miscellany).
  Perhaps by the time I'm in my fifties, I'll be doing something else.  Life is like that.  On the other hand, if what I'm doing now works out well, I might be admitted to the bar, get a decent position teaching theology, and cut that album I always wanted to make.  If the Internet and I both survive that long, I'll tell you about it here.
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