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I was more recently appointed the "New Jersey Political Buzz Examiner" at, writing mostly about political issues but largely from the perspective of how the law fits--gun control, marriage, citizenship, search and siezure, church and state, Homeland Security, and matters particular to New Jersey and especially its elections.  Those were indexed at Law and Politics:  The Examiner Connection, but due to changes in their editorial procedures it was decided that they will all be removed from there and relocated here.  To that end there is a new master index of indices for the law section to assist in locating articles.  It is hoped that readers will support continued work in this area through Patreon.

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(When I was at the radio station, I published a few articles of political satire in the Elmer Times, Elmer, New Jersey.  Because I did not want those articles directly associated with my broadcast persona, I chose to write under the name M. Joseph Young, a version of my name (not exactly a pseudonym) which I have used ever since for books, articles, and stories.  That is the name that appears on these articles.)

Why Should Cable Television Carriers Pay to Deliver Local Broadcast TV?--I think they shouldn't, that it makes little sense either legally or economically, and I say why in this brief article.

Was John Brown a Hero or a Villain?--John Brown's body lies a'moulderin' in the grave, but his truth goes marching on--so goes the civil war anthem.  But the question of whether he was a hero or villain may have repercussions in today's world.

Professor Robert Lipkin, the Concert Violinist, and Abortion--I was present when Professor Lipkin first thought of this illustration, but I never had the opportunity to tell him why it failed to impress me.

Thoughts on the Ten Internet Laws Proposed by C-Net--One of the Internet giants has made suggestions and asked our opinions regarding legal regulation of the World Wide Web; I've taken it personally, and given my responses here.

The Problem with the Lottery--Looks at how gambling came to New Jersey, and the particulars of the state lottery as a voluntary tax unequally burdening the poor.

What else should I address, and how am I doing so far?
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