Index to the collected papers of Bryant Andrew Stevens--

  I have done what I could to sort these papers, and identify them with individuals rumored to be floating around the multiverse.  However, I have sorted them by the type of papers they represent--those which I received from If there's a problem, please let me know through this mailto form.Dar Koni Intelligence on NagaWorld are together, regardless of to whom they refer, which is not always known to me or to them;

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those which came from ships called the Mary Piper--apparently a fated name in the Multiverse-are together, divided by whether that Mary Piper was a sailing vessel or a space ship.  Documents of similar type are classed together-journals and diaries, official reports, log entries.  I have numbered documents in the order in which I received them, or, if I received more than one on the same day, in the order which I ascertained was the sequence in which they were filed or written.  It is in many cases worthless to give the original numbering--Dar Koni intelligence reports, for example, have a numbering system so complex I have to use my lap-top to decipher it (and the Dar Koni language and number system software I had to get from Whisp's built-in computer system to do it takes up a good part of my drive).  I also have edited the materials significantly.  Ship's logs usually contain page after page of water and rations, course and speed, sightings and adjustments, none of which are of any interest to the reader.  Thus only the pages which tell of the adventures of the verser are included here.

  I trust you will be able to find that which you seek here.

If you're already confused, you might wish to check out the information about the Multiverser role playing game at the Valdron web site.  This new addition to the world of RPG's has a flexibility I've never before seen in a game system, and makes it possible for the same characters to have many different adventures in many different kinds of worlds--as these stories, taken from actual game sessions, demonstrate.

Dar Koni Intelligence Report #1:  I believe this is the first reported sighting of the one known to some as ZZ Raven.  Dar Koni intelligence in NagaWorld picked him up in the plains beyond the city.  They generally forward copies of their reports on humans to my attention at Umak Tek, because they've noticed that we get killed a lot, and they do not want any suspicion to be raised that they might have violated our non-aggression pact.  ZZ Raven saw the sun rise, but never saw it set.

Dar Koni Intelligence Report #2:  Several unidentified versers were sighted by Dar Koni intelligence.  Thus far the names I've been able to attach to them from other sources are Daragenn, Paalpatine, and Baby--pseudonyms, certainly, but the only names I've gotten on them so far.

Dar Koni Intelligence Report #3:  Another verser was sighted by Dar Koni intelligence, and his movements traced to the mobile home and a Dar Koni missile placement site.  It appears that it might have been Bob Reinsch, in his first visit to NagaWorld.

Diary, Butler of Richard Connell, October 7 1887 and days following:  After his time on the Mary Piper sailing ship, ZZ Raven washed up on the shore of an island, where a big game hunter took an interest in him.

Federation Anti-Terrorist Report on Darien:  ZZ Raven enters another world, and immediately throws his hand in with the forces attempting to overthrow the interplanetary government.

Federation Justice Department Trial Report on Darien:  As the trial of ZZ Raven reaches its conclusion, the court clerk filed this report of the principle evidence and the verdict.

Federation Medical Examination Report on Darien:  A physical determines that Darien's claimed injuries are not an excuse for his apparent crimes.

Federation Prisoner Holding Report on Darien:  Arrested immediately as a terrorist, ZZ Raven attempts to clear himself of charges.

Ship's Log, Captain John, Mary Piper, Page 1:  ZZ Raven has been identified here, although he gave the name Darius; I never understood why the name of this ancient King of the Medes and the Persians has been so popular among adventurers, but it pops up quite a bit

Ship's Log, Captain John, Mary Piper, Page 2:  Under the name Darius, this verser managed to complete the voyage on which he arrived as a presumed stowaway, with some impressive adventures along the way--three battles with pirates, a crew uprising, a derelict, a couple other encounters, and the collection of a nice stash of gold and gems.  He did well enough that he was invited to go on the next trip.

Ship's Log, Captain John, Mary Piper, Page 3:  As the Mary Piper pulls out of the harbor for a new run, the name of Darius is listed as a regular medic on the crew.

Ship's Log, Captain John, Mary Piper, Page 4:  Darius played more of a background role in the continued trip of the ship, but there was a lot happening on this voyage.

Ship's Log, Captain John, Mary Piper, Page 5:  Near the beginning of this voyage, Darius apparently left the ship--and the world--behind.

Ship's Log, Captain Johnson, Mary Piper, Page 1:  Paalpatine is the name I have for this verser, but he gave the name "Snipes" Wesley to the medical department who took him as a delirious stowaway on this cargo ship of the future.

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