Mark J. Young

  This song was added to the repertoire in the early years when Mark was the only vocalist and as fifth instrument could cover the piano, but not performed really until Jonathan took over the keyboard part.  It was written on the piano half a step higher, but lowered to accommodate easier guitar chords.

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The song made the Of Worlds EP, because it was fairly straitforward, although Mark was never entirely happy with the dynamics on the album version--it did not rise and fall as he had envisioned.  Still, it is a powerful song, and a number of fans would have been very disappointed had it not been recorded.

When Sara joined the band, it was hoped that she would be able to take over Free, a song that was very challenging for Mark to both sing and play bass; but it was outside her range, and that cut back what solos she would be able to pick up from the original EP repertoire.  Although this is one of Mark's favorite songs to sing, the lay was very nearly right for her voice, so he suggested she might sing it; it is also one of her favorite songs to sing, and she does it well.

Although Cardiac Output never did the song, the lyrics are posted there.

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