Collision's Jonathan Maness


  Jonathan's involvement in Collision came about in an unexpected way.  In late 2010 or early 2011, Kyle Baxter was looking for a new church home, and started attending Silver Lake Community Church.  Jonathan's forebears had been very involved in establishing that church in the community years before, and so although it was a good half hour from his home Jonathan had begun bringing his family there not long before that.  The church had no music program, not so much as a pianist to play the hymns (although they did have two pianos in the sanctuary), so Jonathan had undertaken to fill that gap, playing the piano himself and trying to get other musicians involved in leading the music, a combination of old hymns and modern worship songs.  Kyle being a guitarist tried to get involved.

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  It was not going well.  None of them had ever run any kind of musical ensemble before.  In about March, 2011, Kyle suggested that Mark Young might be willing and able to get things working.  He was, adding his bass guitar to the mix and helping Jonathan work up a repertoire for the band that would gradually expand but not go beyond what his musicians could handle.  By that fall it had reached the point at which Mark was no longer needed.

  However, sometime in late June Mark and Kyle agreed to extend an invitation to Jonathan to become part of Collision, as keyboards and vocals.  Jonathan took to the position eagerly, learning vocal and piano parts, allowing the band to practice in the church after the church's own music group had practiced, and bringing drummer Nick Rhoades into the group.  Jonathan also proved to be an excellent manager and promoter, finding opportunities for the band to play at church functions and coffeehouses and outdoor concerts, putting up a website and a Facebook page, video of the band, and when the Of Worlds EP was finished in 2012, getting it available through ReverbNation.  The design of the cover which is very much the Collision logo as envisioned and described by Mark was realized by Jonathan, who also produced posters for some of the band's concerts.

  In March, 2013, when Nick announced he could no longer continue with the band, Jonathan asked to take some time for another project, a couple of parties willing to pay to have him provide music he was going to have to learn in a very short time.  He made himself available to support Mark's appearance at Living Waters in May, and returned to work with the band full time (as full time as a non-professional band can be, at least) by July, when Daniel Payne filled the drummer role.

Jonathan had by then left Silver Lake, a long trip even for a weekly meeting and longer done more than once a week.  He was becoming involved in the music worship team at his new church, and arranged for us to play (absent Kyle, who wound up working that day) at a barbecue there in September.  After that, though, when Daniel announced that he had to leave the band for personal reasons, Jonathan announced that he, too, would be leaving the band, to devote the time to working with the music group in his new church home.

He still supports the band, and when Mike needed a band on one day's notice, Jonathan worked with Mark to put on a show for a retreat the first weekend of November.  It is perhaps ironic that the retreat organizers have officially decided they want Collision back next year, given that Jonathan has officially left the band and the future is so uncertain.

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