Collision's Captain Daniel Payne


  When Adam Young heard that we had just gotten a drummer named "Payne", he thought it was awesome; then when he was told that it was better than that, that as an officer in the Fire Department of the City of Camden he was technically "Captain Payne", that was even better.

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  After Nick Rhoades left the band early in 2013, we began a search for a drummer.  Friends in another band, then known as One of Six, gave us contact information for someone who had auditioned for them who they thought might be right for us, and in July he was auditioning at a rehearsal.  We liked what we heard; he liked what we did.  The search was over.

  Daniel had a beautiful stainless steel Ludwig drum set he called "My Babies", but he also had wonderful sound equipment.  Mike Brantley loved working with it, and we never sounded better.  In September we played (without Kyle) at an outdoor barbecue using that equipment with Daniel on drums.  It was an excellent concert despite the missing lead guitar player.

  Unfortunately, it was immediately after that concert that Daniel announced he would have to leave the band for personal reasons.  In his wake, Jonathan also left the band, not for that reason but perhaps seeing it as a good time to go, since his life had become complicated.  Collision was again reduced to a skeleton of its former self, this time with Mark, Sara, and Mike as the remainder.

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