Collision's Sara DeWitt
This part of the bio is adapted from Sara's own A Bio About Myself, with minimal changes and additions.

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  Sara grew up in a Christian home and received Christ at the young age of 9.  At an Independence Day fireworks event someone handed her a tract and asked if she knew Christ; she replied that she was thinking about it.  Promising to pray for her, the couple suggested she review it with her mother, which she did the next day.  Her mother asked her a lot of questions about heaven and hell, and hell frightened her, but she also felt guilt for her sins.  Then, when her mother was out of the room checking on her sister, she knelt and prayed to receive Christ--July 5th, 1997.  The next year, when she was ten, she was baptized at the church to which her family belonged.

  Sara was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in February, 2002, at the age of 14.  This was the beginning of a struggle in her life, because she was angry at God, and depressed and suicidal.  Gradually, through the prayers of others with whom she shared her feelings, she began to recover her trust, saw that diabetes was not such a hardship once she learned to care for herself, and learned to trust God for more of her problems and to guide her life.  She has since found a foundation for trust in Hebrews 2:18, For in that He Himself has suffered being tempted, He is able to aid those who are being tempted.

  Attending several colleges, she received two diplomas in Christian Counseling as well as diplomas in several other subjects.  She took the Evangelism Explosion course in 2006, becoming a certified Evangelism Explosion trainer; she became youth leader at Calvary Bible Church, and serves as secretary of the Living Waters Coffeehouse at Pitman United Methodist Church.  She has a strong passion for music of all kinds, and performs solo at the coffeehouse whenever the opportunity arises.

  On November 2, 2012, Collision opened at the Living Waters Coffeehouse; Sara also performed nearer the end, and Jonathan, Nick, and Mark agreed that she had a good voice, and if she played the guitar she might be the right fit for the open vocalist/guitarist spot.  She at that time denigrated her own guitar playing, and her keyboard ability, but sometime later Mark saw on her Facebook profile that she did play guitar, and asked her again about it.  Independently, Kyle also was talking to her about being guitarist/vocalist in the band, and she decided to give it a try at the beginning of 2013.  The music and the ministry and the relationships within the band all impressed her, and within a couple weeks she was ready to add her name to the band roster.

  She enjoys writing, and her works include short devotionals, poems, and song lyrics about life, love, and relationships, which can be found in the Notes of her Facebook page.

This part of the bio is added to cover Sara's part in the band.

  Sara picked up the vocals very quickly; she struggled more with the guitar, but was able to play enough to do so on stage at the barbecue concert in September 2013.  When Jonathan and Daniel left the band, it was for a while just Sara, Mark, and Mike; but they managed to perform (with Mark covering the guitar) at the Living Waters Coffeehouse on short notice in October.

  In November, though, Sara's parents objected to her playing an electric guitar in the band.  They claimed that it was their understanding that we wanted Sara as a vocalist, never as a guitar player; we responded that that was their misunderstanding, that we had long been looking for a guitarist who could also sing, to replace Brittany, and that there was never anyone in Collision who did not play an instrument on stage.

  Although at first Sara thought she would continue with Collision as a singer, it was quickly evident that the rift created by her mother's attack was going to be more of a problem than she could handle, and she resigned from the band early in December.

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