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  Well, Cardiac Output ran its course, and eventually a new band was formed.  Some of its history will be presented in these pages, and also a look at the stories behind the songs.  There are other sites you can visit--our Facebook page, the ReverbNation album site where you can obtain copies of the music (also available through Amazon), and the Collision website Jonathan maintains--but this is my personal look at the band, its history, its people, and its music.

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The history is split among a few pages, including history prior to 2011, then the events of a landmark year 2011, followed by 2012, and a page covering events of the current year, 2013.

  All songs were arranged by Mark Young, usually with input from members of the band, and all were written by Mark except as noted.  Looking at them, these are the ones that were recorded on our EP, Of Worlds:

  We had been working on all of these at one point or another prior to doing the EP, but for various reasons found they were not ready to record; but we kept them on the list and continued to work on them:

  Over the years we did several "covers", songs done by other artists which we chose to redo.  Early in 2013, when Sara joined the band, we agreed to restore half a dozen of these to our repertoire, and prioritized them over other material we had been doing.  Those songs are:

  The song links will take you to a page about the song, sometimes when and why it was written, why we included it, and other trivia, what we might call the stories behind the songs.

  There are also pages for each of the recent members,

  As already mentioned, there is also a general history that begins with the events prior to 2011 as the band gradually became Collision, then the events in turn of 2011, 2012, and the present year, 2013.

  I'll keep working on it to fill in the blanks.

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