Laura Story et al. arr. Mark J. Young

  In the 7db days, Mark and Tyler both liked this song in a version they had heard with Laura's original lyrics, and needed more vocal leads for Jessica, so Mark worked up this arrangement.  He liked the idea

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of having the flute dance with the vocalist on the choruses, and restored the original words "You are a very big God" (much better than the altered version, musically and theologically and poetically).  In the version he had heard (which he has since been unable to find) after the second chorus the vocalist went into the old hymn, "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty," and Mark scored that for three vocals a capella into the key change into the final chorus, and then worked out the three-part counterpoint of an a capella ending "Holy, holy, holy".  When it worked, it worked.

It did not work well with only two voices, though, so after Tyler and Jessica left the song went into hibernation until Sara joined and Nick insisted we needed to do covers in 2013.  The three-part vocals worked extremely well with slight rearranging to accommodate Sara's and Jonathan's ranges, but the opportunity never came to play it in concert, as Daniel left the band before learning it, Jonathan close behind him.  There are some rehearsal tapes in which the vocals sound great, and there was some hope that it might be able to be revamped for two vocals with Sara on guitar and the third part covered where vital by Mark's playing, but when Sara announced that she could not be our guitar player the song again was dropped.

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