In the Light
D. C. Talk, arr. Mark J. Young

  When Tyler presented Mark with a collection of songs to consider for the 7dB repertoire, this one was in it.  Mark had never heard it before (no local contemporary Christian radio station in the area for years), and liked the way it bounced along.  In fact, he immediately started working on an interactive two-bass guitar part that would enhance the bounce.  He often thinks of an old coffee commercial in which the theme music was timed to the bubbling of a percolator pot, bouncing along.  The vocals on the verses were worked out with Tyler, apparently from some version of the song he had heard somewhere.

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The chorus was different, and here Mark decided to bring Kyle in on a lead which would parallel the running bass; then he decided to make it two running basses and a lead, each playing a different note in the chord and moving through the changes quickly.  It gave the chorus a drive that it had lacked, without overpowering it.

He dropped the instruments out, except for the rhythm guitar, for the last chorus, and then brought them back on a repeat of the last line.  The chorus was in two voices with a third at the ends of the second and last lines, and worked well that way.

The departure of Tyler and Jessica from the band put the song on the back burner, but in 2013 it was agreed at Nick's suggestion to restore the covers, and Sara was there to cover vocal and guitar, Mark thought perhaps it would work if the upper bass part was played on Jonathan's keyboard--something different from anything they'd had Jonathan do to that point, but not beyond his ability by any means.  It was slated to be included, but fell to the end of the line when Daniel replaced Nick, and then back-burnered again when he and Jonathan left.

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