History of Collision:  2011
For earlier history, see History of Collision prior to 2011.

After the events of 2010, early in 2011 Mark and Kyle sat down and talked again about the future, and again agreed that they wanted to do this, and if it was just the two of them and drummer John Mastick, they would do everything they could to get the drummer down to rehearse, and work as a three-piece, lead, bass, drums, and one voice.  Again they began to rethink repertoire; but God had other plans.

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To accomplish this, God closed a church--the one Kyle was then attending, pushing him to find another.  He found the Silver Lake Community Church, where pianist Jonathan Maness was struggling to create a better music program for a small congregation.  Kyle tossed in his guitar playing, but after a few weeks suggested that he knew someone with experience directing bands who might help, and so by March Mark was invited to help organize the music.  Over the next half year he brought them to the point where he was no longer needed.  Before that, though, Kyle and Mark agreed to invite Jonathan to be part of Collision, and Jonathan, eagerly but with hesitation, embraced the invitation.

His addition meant that once again there were two vocals; it also meant rearranging to rely more on keyboard than on the non-existent rhythm guitar that had been Brittany.  But Jonathan brought more than vocals and keyboards to the group.  He had a clear ability to find and arrange opportunities for concerts, beginning that October and November with outdoor events at Silver Lake Community Church and moving outward to other venues in Cumberland County.  He also brought drummer Nick Rhoades.  By July they were a foursome.

It was a bit awkward at first, because technically there was a drummer--the aforementioned John Mastick, who had indicated that he wanted to be part of the band; but technically it had already been agreed that there would be two drummers, and in actuality John had not yet met anyone in the band other than Mark.  It was agreed that Nick would become the band's drummer with the stipulation that John was also a drummer in the band, and that should they manage to get both together they would work on how to coordinate two drummers.  That never happened, and with Nick there was finally a full band--Mark still wanted someone to replace Brittany, for top vocals and rhythm guitar, but the band was able to play, and the opportunities began opening.

The first of those opportunities were hosted by the Silver Lake Community Church, which had two outdoor events in the fall, a youth ice cream party on September 17th and the Fall Festival on October 22nd (part of which, along with an interview with the band, was aired on Lift-FM), and invited Collision to play at both.  For the second, we were given the opportunity to fill the stage for the day, and so invited Tyler Chroniger to do a set, had Mark do a few solos, brought the members of the worship band out for a set, and gave an hour to the local band Led By Fire.  The church also tapped the band to play backup for Christmas music sung by their young people in a late November Christmas parade that year (which won third place in the parade floats division).

Videos of some of these early appearances made it to the web, and might still be available through the church web site, as Fall Festival 01, Fall Festival 02, and Fall Festival 03.  At various concerts the band played I Use to Think, That's When I'll Believe, Heavenly Kingdom, Stand Up, Passing Through the Portal, Still Small Voice, Selfish Love, Convinced, Song of Joy, and Free.

So now the band was on the move, with more to come in 2012, as the history continues.

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