Mark J. Young

  When Mark was working at WNNN-FM in the early 80s, he realized that he had written quite a few songs of doubt, and felt the need to write a clear song of faith.  He wanted to say that after all the doubts and questions and struggles, he was persuaded, he was convinced.

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  The song was immediately well-liked by those few small audiences who had opportunity to hear it, and some of them would request it, one of the few songs for which he ever got audience requests.  Early on he wrote a second vocal part so that Janet could sing along, and then revamped it somewhat to add a part for Barbara Migliore to sing in TerraNova.  It became part of Collision's repertoire intermittently; Jessica Chroniger sang it with Mark at some concert at the Seventh Day Baptist Church in Shiloh, and Jonathan and Sara knew the vocal parts by the middle of 2013; but the rhythm guitar was always challenging, and at some point a second guitar part lead had been written which Kyle played, so it appeared sporadically in situations in which Mark would be playing acoustic guitar, such as the Tal & Acacia concert and some of Mark's appearances in 2013 with Jonathan.

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