Strong Tower
Kutless, arr. Mark J. Young

  One of Mark's rules about repertoire is that you don't do a song someone else made popular unless you can do something different with it.  To

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do so is to invite unfavorable comparison.  Yet when Kyle and Tyler wanted to do Strong Tower with 7dB, Mark found a copy and copied their arrangement note for note with minimal changes.

Although the song could be done with two vocals, or even one, it wanted three guitars and a bass, and had a keyboard frill at the end.  Tyler's departure from 7dB (and the subsequent emergence of Collision) put the song on the back burner, but work resumed on it when Brittany joined the band, and then again stopped when she left.  When Sara finally replaced her on guitar and Nick suggested including covers, it again looked possible to play the song--Jonathan would cover the second lead guitar on his keyboard and switch to the other keyboard at the end, and they could again run the three vocals while Sara played the rhythm guitar.  Work did not get far, however, as the constant changes in the band in 2013 made it difficult to maintain any repertoire for very long.  The song never made it to performance.

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