Love's the Only Command
Mark J. Young

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  This probably is the oldest of Mark's songs in the repertoire, written sometime in the early seventies and one of the first songs played by The Last Psalm.  Mark was set on having an eighteen-song repertoire from which to draw, so there would be variety in the concerts, and thought it would be simple enough to learn this one in two parts.  After all, a bunch of high school kids did it in five parts, how tough could it be?

It was not exactly easy, but it worked well enough with Jonathan sticking to the melody and Mark covering harmony parts.  It never gelled so well as hoped, but with the addition of Sara to add a third voice it was expected to sound good.  The lyrics are simple and repetitive, but then, as Larry Norman said, "Rock and Roll means repetition."  Interruptions and priorities prevented the song from making it back onto the active roster in 2013, but it was more a fun song than a favorite.

When Mark was in high school, he played the song for Dennis Mullins, then of the band Rock Garden, as a song they might possibly do.  Dennis liked it, and asked about changing the words "Jesus himself said, 'I am the door'" to "Jesus himself said, 'Open up the door'", which was not a sticking point, but Rock Garden never used the song.  Jonathan wanted to know whether it would be possible to write a new verse so it wouldn't be the same words three times (albeit with different vocals happening in them), and Mark wondered about making that one little change in one verse but never had the chance to mention it to him.

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