Stand Up
Tyler Chroniger

  This is Tyler Chroniger's song--the only 7dB song he wrote (although he co-wrote Still Small Voice with Mark) that we continued to perform as Collision, although part of that was because he had been lead singer on all of them and what made them work was the vocal and instrumental arrangements we could no longer support in the short term.  Still, he told the story many times, as it was also his favorite of his songs for a while.

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  The Seventh Day Baptists have an annual convention at which all business of the denomination is conducted, but they try to make it more about vision than business.  It seems (this might be a mistaken understanding) each August they elect or select someone to become president of the denomination next August, giving him a year to prepare for the position as they simultaneously induct the new president selected the previous year.  The convention, thus, is the kickoff for the vision of the new year prepared by the man now taking the helm, who has known for a year that he would do so.  Tyler has been probably to all of them in his lifetime, since his father has been a denominational pastor and is expected to attend, and the church is old and solid and so can afford to send him.

  It was at one of these that the vision for the new year was to stand strong and be courageous, and in the midst of messages and meetings encouraging this Tyler was inspired to put together this song.

  We did it with 7dB because we had three vocals (Tyler, Jessica, and Mark), but when we lost everyone we continued to do it solo, as Mark and Kyle reviewed what could be done with those who remained.  When we added Brittany, she took over the top vocal.  Then we lost her, but eventually added Jonathan, who sang the bottom instead.  We recorded it with two vocals on the EP, but added Sara to it as the first song we taught her when she joined, because the parts would be easy both vocally and on guitar.

  In some ways it is the song that has been the foundation of the repertoire all along; we never did not do it, from the first time 7dB moved beyond being a nameless praise band to the last concerts of 2013.

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