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Mark J. Young

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  One of the oldest songs in the repertoire, this was done in five vocals by The Last Psalm, Mark's five-vocal band from early 1972 through mid 1975, with Jeff Zurheide, John Mastick, and maybe a dozen, maybe a score, of others not forgotten.  It was added to the Collision repertoire in the early years when Brittany was playing guitar and singing, and kept resurfacing as a song that could be done with one, two, or three vocals easily enough.  Its fast pace and brass parts (The Last Psalm had a brass section during its earliest years) were very challenging particularly for Jonathan, who had to sing one thing while playing another, and although the band played it several times in concert it was always one of the weaker songs.

  Adding Sara to the band promised to sweeten the vocals significantly, but the band started to fall apart before we tackled the song in earnest, so it became one of the songs on the list that we did not really know.

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