Amazing Love
News Boys arr. Mark J. Young

  7dB had been a worship band, leading small youth services. 

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It was natural that the original repertoire would include songs that had been done in that venue.  Amazing Love was one such, and Mark had written what he thought was some interesting vocals for it, so they decided to retain it and add a flute (which Mark, as fifth instrument, played).

The song was dropped when Tyler and Jessica left the band; but early in 2013 when Nick insisted that Collision should do some covers, the then recent addition of Sara had again given them the needed three vocals, and the flute could be replaced with Jonathan's keyboard, so it was returned to the lineup.  It was never played in concert, as Nick's departure pushed the rehearsal schedule back to the repertoire from the Of Worlds EP, and Daniel and Jonathan left the band before we got beyond that.

When we first learned the song, there were no contemporary Christian radio stations in Cumberland County.  Tyler learned all his praise songs by going to annual conferences and working with the musicians there, and he did not always get them quite right.  It was years later that Lift-FM started broadcasting and Mark heard the original version by the Newsboys, and discovered that our melody was wrong, but by then all the parts had been worked around it and it wasn't worth changing, particularly as the song had fallen out of the repertoire.  Its recall to service was somewhat rushed, and no effort was made to change it, so it has a few quirks.  The similarities between Mark's vocal arrangement and that of the Newsboys is not exactly coincidental; it is more on the order of the obvious thing to do with the vocals.

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