Like a Child
Jars of Clay arr. Mark J. Young

  This was in the collection of songs Tyler presented to Mark as possibilities for the 7dB repertoire in the early days.  Mark immediately imagined the echoing vocals on the last line of the chorus, "Faith like a [faith like a (faith

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like a child)]", and decided to work up an arrangement around that.  He put together three vocals for the choruses, a bit of backup vocal on the last verse, and then decided to try something different.  They had two guitars and Mark on "fifth instrument", and here Mark decided that one of the guitars should play impact chords, not playing every chord on the verse but playing pairs of chords where he wanted the accents.

After Tyler and Jessica departed, there was not much point to doing the song without three vocals, so it was not revived until 2013 when Nick called for a restoration of the covers and Sara was available to play the rhythm guitar and sing the top vocal.  There was talk of Kyle singing the lead to free Jonathan to focus on doing impact on the keyboard.  However, their departures made it impossible to do the arrangement adequately, and it fell again into the pending file.

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