Shout to the Lord
Darlene Zschech

  In the early days of Collision, Mark was trying to craft an eighteen-song repertoire in which he and Brittany each had three solos, and she was short one.  Thinking that she had written some material and might have something she wished to contribute, he asked her if there was a song she wanted to add.  She suggested this one.

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  Mark was not unfamiliar with the song.  He had played it with Tyler in the praise band before it became 7dB, and had a bass guitar part for it that he liked.  He wanted to do something with it that would make it different (he has a rule not to do songs other people have made popular if you can't make them different, because you will otherwise get unfavorable comparisons), and apart from the fact that it did not really lend itself to an obvious second vocal it was supposed to be Brittany's solo.  At the same time, he was still playing fifth instrument, and he knew that Kyle was very fond of arrangments with two lead guitars working with and against each other, so he crafted parts for the guitarists that would interplay with each other, the vocal line, and the bass line he had already created.

  When Brittany left, the song fell out of the active repertoire; but in 2013 when Nick wanted to add covers and Sara was available for rhythm guitar and vocals, it came back on the list.  Sara was concerned that it was a bit high for her range, but since her voice was getting stronger it was agreed to keep it on the list but move it later in the practice lineup so that she would be ready for it when they started working on it.

  That time, of course, did not come.  Jonathan's departure from the band along with Kyle's imminent departure eliminated the instrumentation needed for it, and without the interesting instrumental parts there was nothing to distinguish the song.  It was moved again to the inactive file pending new band members.

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