Bragging Rights
M. J. Young

Recently, my wife mentioned that she knew someone remarkably intelligent, sharper than me--so very smart that he had gotten a 780 on the Analytical section of his GRE's.  I laughed.  But it struck me as quite odd that, although people have said that I'm conceited and self-important, my wife of over twenty years would not know that my Analytical GRE score was better than that.  Thus I decided to take a single page of space to "brag"--to post just a few honors and scores accumulated over the years for anyone who cares enough about who I am to look at them.

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National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation, 1972.

Law School Admission Test (L.S.A.T.), 1986, scale 10-48, score 48.

Mensa Qualifying Test 1, 1986, scale 0 to 99th percentile, score 99th percentile.

Mensa Qualifying Test 2, 1986, scale 0 to 99th percentile, score 99th percentile.

Graduate Record Examination (G.R.E.) Verbal, 1986, scale 200-800, score 730.

Graduate Record Examination (G.R.E.) Numerical, 1986, scale 200-800, score 710.

Graduate Record Examination (G.R.E.) Analytical, 1986, scale 200-800, score 800.

Phi Delta Phi legal honors fraternity, 1987.

Who's Who Among American Law Students, 8th edition.

Who's Who Among American Law Students, 9th edition.

American Jurisprudence Award:  Jurisprudence.

Co-author, Multiverser® role playing game.

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