Carpenter's Song
J. R. Zurheide

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Good morning, Mr. Carpenter.  I've come to get a cross.
Don't look at me so sadly; there really is no cause.
We're getting rid of Someone who's been stirring up the mob.
He says that He's the Savior, and now the Son of God.

Who's this cross for?  Tell me, who?
That's the third this week; what are you gonna do?

Skip the names and details, they won't mean a thing to you.
Just go about your work now.  I've got a lot to do.
Have it done by Friday, and be sure to make it strong.
We've finally got Him.  Nothing can go wrong!

Who's this cross for?  Tell me, who?
Is it for Jesus, called the King of the Jews?

What does it matter to you if He dies?
All that He's been telling you is a bunch of lies!
You'd better watch your step now in the things you say and do,
Or maybe by Friday, you'll be up there with Him too.

Why do you kill Him?  What's He done to you?
In spite of this, He can save you, too!

Oh, Lord, forgive me for making You this tree;
Now I'm as guilty as the one who hired me....

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