John's Song
Mark J. Young

I went with Mary--I don't know why.
We went to Calvary to watch our Lord die,
And I stood and watched as Jesus died.

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Thorns crowned His head, and nails pierced His hands.
He was so beaten--more marred than any man,
And I watched, but could not understand.

Then Jesus asked me to be His mother's son
Doing the things that He never could have done.
'Til His death His love went on.

"I am thirsty"--yes, that's what Jesus said.
Then, "It is finished."  He slowly bowed His head.
Then I knew that God was dead.

He died on a cross for three angry men, none of whom will be blamed.

If He was man, then mankind is lost in sin.
If He was God, then the worst will now begin.
We have finally murdered Him.

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