Mountain, Mountain
Mark J. Young

Mountain, mountain, great and tall,
Can you teach me anything at all?
I see your greatness, your majesty;
How can greatness grow in me?
The mountain answered, calm and sure,
"What do you want greatness for?
Be humble, serve in love, and wait:
Only God can make one great."

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Sun, oh sun, up in the sky:
All men see you--tell me why
And how such glory here may shine,
So I can make such glory mine.
I got this answer from the sun:
"Do not be foolish, little one.
I am what I was made to be,
And so God's glory shines in me."

River, now to you I turn.
Have you some secret I can learn?
You move mountains every hour.
How can I control such power?
The answer came to me with force:
"The power is from God, of course.
I do whatever He may ask,
He gives me strength to meet the task."

Ocean, ocean, deep and wide,
I'm asking you to be my guide.
In fullness, none may challenge you.
I'd like to know such fullness, too.
The ocean roared--I heard him laugh!
"My fullness you would like to have?!?
Become, then, empty of all else,
And let God fill you with Himself."

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