My Life to You
Mark J. Young

When I was young, I went to Sunday School,
And there I learned about the Golden Rule:
Do what you want men to do to you;
But I found that too hard to do,
So I thought I would write my own.
Now I do what I don't condone.
It seems that I am rotten through and through--
Someday I've got to give my life to You.

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Now I've grown, and I am wise indeed:
I know love is what we really need.
Love will bring us to a peaceful state--
But my own life is full of hate.
I am striving to work my will.
Love means serving, I know, but still
I keep on doing what I want to do.
Someday I've got to give my life to you.

I just can't seem to see or understand
No matter how hard I try:
If I make you my King, you've wonders planned.
That's why you came to die.

Then when finally I saw my sin
I tried to change me from the outside in:
I tried to go ways I couldn't go;
I tried to show love I didn't know.
Now I'm learning, beyond a doubt,
Man must change from the inside out--
And that's what you say you want to do.
Someday I've got to give my life to you.

If I would say to You, "Rearrange my ways",
And make You my Sovereign King,
Then this is what You'd do, You would change me days,
And oh! what joy You'd bring....

Will I say with my dying breath,
"Give me freedom, or give me death?"
Will I keep on ignoring you,
Doing just what I want to do?
Will I keep going my own way?
When I'm dying, what will I say?
I've been dying for many years.
I've been crying--You've seen my tears.
Jesus, You make all things new!
Someday I've got to give my life to you.

Someday I've got to give my life to you.

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