Our God Is Good
Mark J. Young
Our God is good....

What does it matter, telling little lies?
Who's ever hurt by words we plagiarize?
Hypocrites do these things 'most every day,
But make our leaders care for what they say.

Our God is good....

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Everyone wants to have a little fling;
Brief infidelities don't mean a thing,
But when a leader does it, it's a crime.
We crucify our leaders every time.

Only the Lord alone is good....

Past indiscretions all should be forgot.
Put them behind you; but the world will not,
For every leader's life's an open book:
Open the pages, come and take a look!

Only the Lord alone is good...
Our God is good....

We are the people; people, they are we.
All that we are is what our leaders be.
How can a leader be a moral man?
He can be only what the people can....

Our God is good....

That's my opinion--I'd like to hear yours.

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