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3:  Character Race and Gender
  Choose character race and gender.  If there's a problem, please let me know through this mailto form.All races recognized by the books listed under the material on class are available, provided that they are appropriate to the class or class combination chosen.  Races appropriate to each recognized class or class combination are listed with that class or combination, under "2  Choose a character class", and collected for reference; the racial advancement limitations should also be considered.  Character races are listed here, and described and defined on linked pages:

Human (Krynn, Occidental, Oriental, or Viking)
Dwarf (Hill, Mountain, Duergar, Krynn Hill, Krynn Mountain, Gully (Aghar))
Elf (Drow (Dark), Wild (Kagonesti), Gray, High (Silvanesti), Valley, Wood, Qualinesti, Dargonesti, Dimernesti)
Gnome (Surface, Svirfneblin, or Tinker)
Half-elf (Occidental, Krynn, or Drow)
Hengeyokai (Carp, Cat, Crab, Crane, Dog, Drake, Fox, Hare, Monkey, Raccoon Dog, Rat, or Sparrow)
Hobbit (Hairfoot, Stout, Tallfellow, Mixed, or Kender)
SpiritFolk (Bamboo, River, or Sea)

  Character race limits what classes or class combinations are available, and may also limit how far the character may progress in some or all classes.  Gender may also affect level progression.  House rules usually ignore racial and gender minimums and maximums for ability scores, except in regard to charisma and comeliness as initially rolled. 

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