How long will it take for your Multiverser game to arrive?

This isn't an easy question to answer--there are a lot of factors which affect it.

First, we've noticed that if you mail your order, it may take a week for us to receive it.  If you pay by credit card, the order will be electronically processed and e-mailed to us, so we should have it much more quickly--possibly the same day that you order it.  If you send it by mail, let us know by e-mail that it's coming, and we'll be sure to expedite it when it does.

Second, if you send a personal check, please don't be offended if it takes a few days for the check to clear.  We've had the occasional problem with bad checks, and it's much easier to wait for the check to clear than to try to get the book back after we've sent it.  It isn't you--it's just that we don't know who it is--and our bank says that sometimes it may take two weeks to be certain a check is good.  Obviously, a credit card order doesn't have this delay; the delay is also avoided if you send us a bank check or a money order.

Third, it sometimes happens that the number of orders which come in exceed the number of copies immediately on hand.  We're doing our best to keep this delay to a minimum, and it's never more than a few days, but it can slow the process down.  Again, knowing that your order is coming helps us assure a copy is ready for you--let us know by e-mail, and we'll set a copy aside for you.

Fourth, to keep shipping costs to a minimum, all books are sent library rate--fourth class.  Once it's in the hands of the post office, we have no control over it.  We are considering adding a first class or express shipping rate, but we really don't want the shipping costs to be greater than the cost of the game itself.  If you want to speed the process, include your zip+4 code.  We've been told that this can cut the delivery time significantly.

We've told people eight to ten weeks; in fact, most books are received within two weeks, and some have been delivered in under a week.  Still, given the snags which sometimes come up, we ask that you not start worrying about where yours is for at least three weeks, longer if you've sent a personal check.  Probably it won't take long at all--but it doesn't really help to e-mail us to ask where your copy is before your order has reached us!

Thanks for understanding.

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